#RegressiveNews: 14th of November 2017

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  • [ – ] Zerucke reply Thin privilege? Who comes up with such nonsense?
  • Muddywaters reply You know, cartoon shows like the Simpsons and Southpark are now more rational and less extreme than the SJW / Feminist reality we are being dragged into.
  • [ – ] Caleb_Projects reply Does this desk make me look fat?
  • kilianmuster reply They sell the EU army as "shaking off US dependence", which is nonsense. France even has its own arsenal of nuclear weapons, every EU state has its own army. There's no dependence at all. This is shady as hell.
  • abetterwest reply On the EU Army: This paves the way for the dissolution of NATO and a formation of a US-Russo-Visigrad bloc which will hopefully wipe the EU out. I loled so hard when the EU blamed Trump for the need to create a EU Army. On little desks and fat commies: If I were in charge I'd put them in fat camps where they get workout and diet support 20 hrs a week in supplement for their studies. On the dot head stereotype: Proof that multiculturalism and diversity are net negatives on /our/ society. The entire purpose of the outrage is more anti-white hate. Homogeneous civs for the win! Do your daily deed to bringing us close to a commie free super-majority white west. Remember, it's okay to white.
  • Driver22 reply New TV show coming out soon: Angry Fat Women in Small Cars
  • AlexHimawari reply 1) I'd so troll those fat students by putting in slightly smaller desks. They will be "differently sized" after all, right? 2) >"Apu is a stereotype" No shit?! Really?! Are you sure about that Einstein? And it only took you well over 20 seasons to figure that out. Go figure. Yes, Apu is a massive stereotype, specifically made to make fun of stereotypes about Indians. How autistic are you've missed this for so long?
  • KimHanson reply Of course I would never be allowed to sit in a "differently sized" chair. Let me think... cultural appropriation?
  • Shugtastic reply The oppressive desk and chairs story is not surprising. Feminism has always been about women avoiding personal responsibility.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply I don't like the Simpsons. The Simpsons created such insanity they are now confronted with. The Simpsons helped crafting the SJW mindset.
  • Guilty44 reply My reaction from watching the regressive news is I bring that bottle of Jack Daniels much closer to my face and I wonder can I drown an end the pain now
  • jeffreymak reply I have thin privilege
  • Txtspeak reply y'know what? No! I hope that the simpsons DO take notice of this and make a fucking lawsuit against this fucker for defamation and slander.
  • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance reply Vidme needs to do some upgrading. I've been trying to watch this but YT plays it fast and I've been waiting for 10 minutes for this to load.
    • AlexHimawari parent reply If a video doesn't start within a few seconds, try refreshing the page. Every once in a while it seems to get stuck for me too, but after a refresh, it loads fine.
    • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance parent reply Now at 11 minutes into this on YT it has loaded enough to watch.
      • DragGon7601 parent reply If your computers so slow it takes one site 11 minutes to load, its you that needs to upgrade. When you load multiple sites at the same time; your computer doesn't really load multiple things at the same time, It just switches between them as it loads parts. So if one of them has a big file (Like say a video) it gets stuck until its got enough of the file that it can safely switch to another file... So if your trying to load both at the same time like it sounds, vidme never stood a chance.
  • namesallused reply Lol Damn it...
  • CommonSense__ reply Jew owned media gives any anti-white crackpot a platform. It is known.
  • blazedu reply Oh and don't forget...13 women makes a study. 13!! For all you lefty social sciences morons, LEARN HOW TO ARTICLE FOR FUCKS SAKE! sample sizes and diversity is the basic-est shit. Every time i see these jokes that they call articles i get so angry.
  • gbkthaddock reply In C. M. Kornbluth's short story "The Marching Morons", speedometers read a higher speed than the vehicle is actually going. This is done to help the lower IQ average population feel better. This was written in 1951. I recommend reading it, it is available online. The ending is surprising.
  • Belarus-Chan reply Brussels is going to militarily control Europe now? Now I’m glad Belarus never joined.
  • Ibrahim800 reply It would be funny if they implemented bigger desks and then small feminist start arguing that they cant see teacher or write test because desks are too big.
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