Kashima Reiko - Creepypasta

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  • PlanetPasta reply I did see her but she didn't kill me. She just gave me a bj o.O she doesn't kill lol @Aaronshy
  • Aaronshy reply Well this particular one the ghost attacks anyone who hears the story not just the japanese ones that hear it. If you pay attention it says she appears in the bathroom.....any bathroom at that.....as long as the bathroom has a mirror. There is some truth to it. Kids actually have fallen on tracks over there. If anything it's a warning to stay safe.
  • PlanetPasta reply haha ya it's a good legend. And how do you know legends are fake? I'm sure they have to come from somewhere :p Maybe it's real. We will never know since we don't live in japan lol @Aaronshy
  • Aaronshy reply This is one of my fave legends. Obviously not true but it really creeped me out when I first heard it. It still has an effect on me a bit.
  • PlanetPasta reply I hope you enjoyed this video. Don't forget to FOLLOW to know when I upload more videos. If you would like to do a collab slide into my DM's
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