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  • lewren reply Isn't it wonderful when people that have no idea about Scandinavian countries use them as an example ... Going back 100 years, Sweden had about a 16% tax, today it averages about 65-75%. Police can't keep us safe and people that get cancer can only hope they'll get an appointment in time, which they many times do not. Schools are massively failing both for Swedes and for illegals even tho they get way way more resources allocated. No, we certainly do not benefit from high taxes. There is not a single person that agrees with these high taxes that I speak with, unless they are on some kind of well-fare or other government charity that is. Stop using Scandinavia an example, its fucking crap!
  • vanners reply There is a difference between being compelled to give (e.g. Tax that goes to the less fortunate) and to willingly give. There is no virtue in being forced to give, and there is no virtue in forcing others to give.
  • PeterPirnat reply gibs free shiet or racits.
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