Linux-Based PDA w/Physical Keyboard - "Super" PocketCHIP

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  • TheSolamnic reply I think that that black keyboard and a black backplate would make the Pocket Chip look extremely badass.
  • Caleb_Projects reply Why would you want a speaker when you wear headphones all the time? Sorry, just had to say it. :-) That looks really cool!
  • RandomASCII reply I honestly don't really care about a speaker, since my devices all live on headphones. The only device I own that has a speaker is my phone, and that's because it's not the easiest thing in the world to get rid of. I love the keyboard, and the only thing I would change is I'm going to look into having indented labels added to the key models. Only other thing that would leave me wanting is a higher resolutuon screen, but so far, finding a screen with a higher resolution that fits in the Chip slot seems impossible. I'm considering instead stripping down a Raspberry Pi, getting a case printed too, and sacrificing a physical keyboard fot a 5-7" touch screen.
  • [ – ] googIesux reply they should drop the headphone jack and go bluetooth only :3 but really, you must show us what it looks like when you get that wood going. i am so curious
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