TL;DR - Old School 90's Gaming 'Misogyny'

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  • Reeedom-of-Speech reply The Dave Perry saga was great to watch, but look up the retro games podcast Dave Perry episode and he gives a very different view than we saw. Great show, I watch it and Bad Influence all the time
  • delboy3130 reply I wonder why Patrick Moore done Gamemaster anyway ?
  • ASMbly reply Good video! However, I think you might be creating a strawman here. No smart person actually thinks that the games industry hates women and wants to keep them out, most people just believe that the industry artificially favored men a lot more than women. Which is exactly why the TV show did that in the first place, to subvert expectations. An average viewer would expect the boy to win, so they would be surprised when the girl wins, making for good TV. Was it a jerk move to retake until she did win? Absolutely, at the very least they could've told him he was supposed to lose. However I sounds like you're implying that the entire industry secretly favored women back then because of this one TV show, when in reality it was just dumb producers doing dumb things.
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