[InaneExplanations] Church of Christ, Scientist!

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  • [ – ] TheMac reply I have a real hate on for religious fools and irresponsible quacks that murder a number of diabetic children every year, in America. You do good stuff for an inane dragon. I love drsgons but intellectuals, they ain't, for the most part.😈
    • InaneDragon parent reply What sets the inanedragons apart from more common varieties is we hoard knowledge more often than wealth. Because knowledge you can share without losing.
  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply First, seeing as you asked, I'll now watch you on vid.me. Second, you Americans are weird. Where do you get so many people to have these insane beliefs? Third, isn't Christian Scientist an oxymoron?
    • [ – ] InaneDragon parent reply First, thank you. Second, yup... And we got them from these strange books brought across the sea by those damned Europeans. Get off our lawn! Third... also yup. I got nothing else to say about that one.
      • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply Second. ROFL. To be fair, you wrote a few yourself. Book of Mormon. Scientology (L Ron Hubbard). The woman you mentioned in this video. Own your own shit! Lol 😉
        • InaneDragon parent reply Scientology I'll give you, but Joey Smith needed your bible to get to the Book of Mormon. His prior scams fell apart and got his ass arrested. Crazy lady from the video also relied on the bible to get to her particular brand of crazy. Also, she built off of spiritualism which got its start somewhere in the Europes, I seem to recall. That being said, yeah, you don't get anything near as crazy as American crazy. I think it's because we like to stir the pot, instead of letting it just boil.
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