Bobbing Planets Night!

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  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply What a great video! Yes its very plan to see they are going up and down. Either the Earth is are in the process of moving to some degree, or maybe vibrations from the the core of the Earth. Like you said earthquake. Or we are still and something is making them have this effect thats out in space. Who knows anymore Jayling7. Our world is so full of decite seems like these days , its hard to tell sometimes. And there is so much man made crap in space everywhere around the stars, the planets and space itself, who really knows anymorewhat we might see. ANYWAY :) keep on doing what youre doing cause you are very good at it. Can't wait to see if anything is bobbing later. You stay safe and much peace and love to you and your family. J
    • Jayling7 parent reply It was a wild wobbly night up there! lol I didn't include this in yesterday morning's crappy video, but the cloudy Sun slipped & dipped drastically. I cut it out of the uploaded version because I can't verify how solid the tripod is when at that angle with one leg splayed backwards. It's possible there was a slip in the grass, but dang it, when something like that happens you lose the zoomed in image and have to get it back, but this one just bounced back. I'm still cloudy brain so forgive me, need coffee. Thanks J!!
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