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  • CensorshipSucks reply MySpace died overnight and Facebook was born. That can and will happen again.
  • Labouisse reply YouTube/Google censors and deletes/terminates channels whose main purpose is expose government 'staged terror' : the Sandy Hook 'school shooting', the Boston Marathon 'bombing', etc., etc. There has to have been a conscious decision on its part quite recently to generally shut down 'truth tellers', especially the smaller channels with lesser resources and time available to fight back. YouTube accepts false copyright claims without any pretense of checking to determine whether there is any basis for them - just ask Robin over at How I See The World 4 on YouTube, if he should ever get his channel going again. He has been copyright struck time and time by Lenny Pozner, one of the lying 'grieving parents' of Sandy Hook, and YouTube goes right along with it, without Pozner's having the least valid copyright claim to material which already has been released to public through the media Funny how none of the other 'grieving parents' lodge complaints, it's always Pozner, who seems to be the gov...moreernment's main go-to guy to harass honest, patriotic citizens witha sense of justice about them into silence and retirement....If there were any other alternative at this time, I would not use YouTube/Google at all. I consider it a fundamentally traitorous corporation with purposes alien to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the 'American way of life' as we have thought ourselves privileged to live..up until recently.
  • [ – ] Prepperymike reply a youtuber strike?
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