Google fires employee for "Anti-Diversity" wrong-think.

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  • [ – ] RobotUnderscore reply time to duckduckgo to another search engine!!1!
    • [ – ] jschlatt parent reply Seriously lol. I've actually been using Bing for years at this point. They actually give me an amazon gift card every thousand searches or so
  • [ – ] BookSmart reply Some other company needs to get good PR on this by hiring this man immediately. They'd win over so many users.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply Don't use Google. Use a non political search engine. There are others.
    • [ – ] YamiryuuZero parent reply I have been using less and less products from Google. I use Bing and DuckDuckGo for search engines, for videos, and even Twitter and Facebook have been traded for (even though they're not owned by Google, they have similar policies). The more we encourage free speech platforms, the less power Google will have! Spread alternative social media and search engines and make sure people understand why you're doing so! That's how we fight back!
    • TheFilthyCunt parent reply Use Yahoo gois
  • iStormy reply I eat ass
  • smithpolly reply Blind auditions in orchestras. Any thoughts?
  • yaboisatan reply I love this so much better than YouTube and I love this channel as well keep it up
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