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  • NateToons reply Starting to think Darwin was on to something with the whole "survival of the fittest"...the amount of stupidity is overwhelming from this girl. Sorry people there are only two genders.
  • Sinistar_Aries reply Whelp. We knew it was going to happen and guessed time and again when that would be since nobody really seemed to give a damn that could actually do something about it
  • [ – ] SlavicLore reply Well I have cancelled my motorcycle trip to Canada.
    • rxantos parent reply Just avoid the cities. The rest of Canada is fine. But cities are snowflake central.
    • Didymus parent reply haha, oh man, that's depressing.
    • [ – ] TheMac parent reply SirRidealot, Rxantos is correct, just avoid the major cities. We are having a real problem in Canada with a court system that wants to make its own laws separate from parliament. Our last Prime minister was a right wing Christian dominionist with a hate on for science. Now we have a half brained rich kid who is about as reasonable and intelligent as his insane mother, Margret Kidder, the former actor. The freaking SJW shites in the legal system, are turning Canada into a mentally restricted hell hole. Quite the opposite of the county I came to in the early 70s.
      • SlavicLore parent reply How is Alberta and British Columbia? My moto-playground is the Pacific North West. Thought of crossing north of the border to see what's it like. BC and Alberta look beautiful in pictures.
    • [ – ] AceAcer2 parent reply Good call - between this C-16 BS and the USA "refugees"(who are the illegals the USA kicked out and Trudeau decided to let in :P) it's not really the best time to come in Canada.
  • RhinocerosUnicornis reply I have a cousin living in Toronto. When I asked him about the case of Gregory Alan Elliott he refused to answer.
  • jj27 reply What a smug cunt
  • VoltaicFire reply We need to reformat Canada, it's clearly become corrupt.
  • freerangehobo reply Can you say FREAK? That is exactly what that ugly thing is. Has nothing to do with sex or preference: a freak is a freak! If we all fill up the courts and jails with dissenters, we will make our own statements. By the way, is it just me or does that weird looking freak look a lot like Alfred E Newman from MAD Magazine?
  • TheMac reply Arrrrrgh. Can't type right now, hand clenched in effort not to strangle something
  • theicediamond7 reply this whole crock of shit smells of adl think tank bullshit. brookings bullshit
  • draconath reply I remember the first frodo
  • robsdroid215 reply Lol. You are right when you say she looks like a hobbit.
  • SutrukOfElam reply f'ckin cabbage!!!! ROFL!!!! and "she+it=shit" too f'ckin hilarious!!!!
  • spookyboo reply In other news...the Canadian government sues Stephen King for the title "It"
  • ClimatePonziLie reply They forgot these ones Real Man, Real Woman, Real Boy, Real Girl, Real Marriage, The Liberals don't have the patent on making up words. I insist that you either call me Sir or Mister.
  • Platypus67 reply The pimpf-look of this human toxic waste matches its fascist bull crap speech. What the HELL happened to canada?! I know, i know: it's the tsunami of sickening sjw-feces... WHAT A COMPLETE HORROR SHOW!!! And this 'pink sox' trüdaux cunt-in-chief is the worst sugarcoated nightmare ever happened to canada!!!
  • rxantos reply Canada is in serious need of Freedom of Speech laws. Freedom, not liberty.
  • Sock_Puppet reply Keep repeating the lie and the uneducated masses will believe, this has become something akin to that of a horror movie!
  • AceAcer2 reply In the series "Only happening in Canada". She can't sue you Suit, Australia isn't cover by C-16. Lucky for her because she could be demolished by your really good sense of diplomacy lol. Seriously i think we really need someone like you to kick so asses (figuratively of course :P) to wake our beta male of PM Trudeau and all the others who thinks we need those things. On another topic, what do you think about this : Google firing one of their engineers over a memo deemed "offencive" and "a violation of the Google Code of Conduct". I wonder what the man could have said that resulted in him being fired ... Anyways enough for now, have a nice day Suit :D
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