Masked Man's Base | Until Dawn, Part 10

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  • [ – ] Faux_Fox reply Great!!! I am so glad you got it finished. That's gotta feel good. :)
    • [ – ] Xexor parent reply Yeah, definitely. Getting on the back end of something like this is always nice. :)
      • [ – ] Faux_Fox parent reply Yeah, I know what you mean. I am having a big problem with time management right now. My problem is that I get very overwhelmed just thinking about what I need to do. I then get discouraged and put things off. But not taking care of things makes it worse. I figured out that I have 69 available hours per week, outside of work and sleep (7 hrs). Not a ton but something I can work with. I just got to get organized and focused. I am trying to do better with multitasking, something I have never been good at. I wish I had more time with my kids, more than anything else. I am really excited to watch this. I am a little behind so I need to watch _The Last Guardian_ first. But I am glad you got this done. Now you can move on with other things. :)
        • [ – ] Xexor parent reply It can get tricky. It's not uncommon for some people to have trouble saying "No" to someone else. I am one of these types of people, but I'm learning. I got to the point where I had to start making a point of telling people I was involved with in different ways that I would no longer be able to do stuff with them. It's not always easy to do, but I do think it's sometimes necessary. It's really important to avoid overextending yourself. Getting organized and focused will definitely help.
          • [ – ] Faux_Fox parent reply OK, now I am absolutely convinced that you can read my mind. I am not kidding. Lol. My mom and I had this same conversation just yesterday! I have a huge problem with this. I keep having to change my plans but I will never make better use of my time if I can't stick to a schedule. It's my work schedule. It keeps changing because other people make plans. Fun plans. I have to work this weekend, too. It was my weekend off. I am proud of you for doing better with this. I wish I knew what to do. But it's never going to get better until I change things. I love helping people. But those things I shouldn't have to worry about. Why can't I just say no? Why do I have to agree with everything? It is so hard.
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