The First Comic I EVER Made

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  • [ – ] kipkitfox reply Haha, maybe I'm just around kids a lot, but the second comic makes sense if you're accustomed to kids' humor. Only use a "pea sized" dollop of toothpaste (says Jon, like all adults try to tell children who are over-enthusiastic about toothpaste,) And Garfield is a fat, overeating, kid so he treats toothpaste like candy and uses too much toothpaste. Silly Garfield, it's not candy. Its all very hilarious, to a kid.
    • kipkitfox parent reply Er, Im sure it's been explained already. I just found it amusing because I hear that kind of joke all the time. Kids are surreal.
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  • [ – ] robertendicott reply Great work as for the first time
  • Platypus67 reply This is so adorable! My first comix was a sci-fi by the name 'Captain Space'... Sadly i don't know if it still exists. You definitely got yourself a new follower!
  • VoltaicFire reply Must make comic explanation.... nope, too lazy.
  • rob0tman5 reply Good comic though.
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