YouTube Censorship

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  • [ – ] Dangerous-Dan reply Hi Ben, followed you on yt for years!......could you follow back on here mate
  • [ – ] Roolooth reply This is worrying, though I've seen it coming for some time. Ever since it dawned on the elites that free speech via the internet and especially Youtube where people can express their political opinions and gain a large following and popularity the globalist have been looking for ways to censor what you can and can't say but they are taking this softer approach rather than and all out ban on free speech as in the case with China, some muslim countries and other oppressive regimes, they tinker with who can and can’t have access to a large audience on youtube. Their soloution is just make it more difficult for people to get their videos noticed or even appear visible on the main pages of youtube. Some of us will still search for such videos and eventually find it but these restrictions will make it likely that others with only a mild interest will ever stumble across such videos and so never get another perspective, they will go on believing what the state, elites and mainstream medi...morea wants to feed them. By doing this the controllers (elites) reduce the growth in numbers of people who have been waking up in recent years as to the way things are being run. When the internet was in it's early years it was hailed by western leaders as a fantastic thing that will aide communication and an open society, they cheered this because they hoped that people in less free parts of the world might get a chance to express objections to their governments and communicate their views to fellow citizens and the rest of the world, but now the western governments and big business having realised that they are also having their apple cart upset by this freedom. People have been waking up and rejecting all the propaganda and slanted news from the BBC and other MSM. What is even more worrying is that Google/Youtube will have an algorithm deciding what can and can't be said. An algorithm if working in conjunction with A.I. would pose a threat to anybody who objects to the power of the elites. In a way we are already starting to be controlled by machines, A.I. is no threat they say but it depends who is controlling the instructions/algorithms fed into it. I don’t suppose any of the elites will have their rights affected or controlled by the same such machines/algorithms, they will go on telling us what's good for us . . if you disagree with them, there will be a way of dealing with you - algorithms v's free speech! Oh if they take things too far and there is a large scale furore then they will just blame a miscalculation in the algorithm, you see nothing is ever their fault, blame the little people for being stupid or the algorithm.
    • Benthejrporter parent reply They're craty, Roolooth. They can always say: "It's NOT censorship because we're not removing the video." Of course, but they're just making sure it's very difficult to find. They're desperate to get the internet genie back in the bottle. They did the same with the printing press hundreds of years ago. It became a serious offence to own an unlicensed press in many states. In China you could even get your head cut off for it.
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