A Response to Patreon: Lauren Southern, Political Backlash, etc

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  • MatDaniels1860 reply I'm watching you on this platform now fuck youtube
  • [ – ] brycezimmer reply Google tried to censor Jordan Peterson so, here I am on vid.me
  • Shimeran reply It's definitely got me looking into alternatives. I'll to see how reliable PayPal has been. I've seen some interesting bits on Counter.Fund and LA Werewolf on YouTube has talked about something in the works. I'll have to see if Minds and Gab have anything going.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Some video content providers, are banding together to start their own means of funding. I can't remember the name of the App they are trying to create will be called, maybe someone in the chat remembers the name of the app they want to develop. Patron is the equivalent of a bank, Imagine walking into a bank and they tell you. I'm sorry you can't bank here because your wearing a blue pants. Unless your money laundering a bank/ money transfer system should contend itself to the task/ service at hand and stay out of politics of any video platform and concentrate on providing a secure service. Imagine walking into Western Union, and they ask you what political party your a member of before they will let you use their service, it's NOT their job too take a political position. They need to think about what getting into politics cost Starbucks. Starbucks Announces It Will Close 600 Stores It will lay off more than 12,000 employees in the process, the most in its history. The plan builds o...moren an earlier decision to close 100 stores, which are included in Tuesday’s numbers. Starbucks is retrenching in an effort to recapture the once-mighty growth it built upon venti soy lattes.
  • Skitzo23 reply I'm Done with YouTube! If I want SJW's to call me a Nazi & white supremacist I'll just read Buzzfeed
  • Bal6fs2 reply Thay fear beauty because thay know and when there money dosn't buy them... And the sneakers thay buy them dosn't make her bow.___ all there money, thay use to bury there faces into the ground... So freshman. She is powerful maybe Spartan .
  • Bal6fs2 reply Where did i go with that.... Haaaa fucked if i care, pass me another, shes fucking beautiful, o and holy shit, she maybe smart.... Go wonder ;{>
  • Bal6fs2 reply Be human beautiful woman make us human. Every body LOVES somebody, eye of thee
  • Bal6fs2 reply The most potent weapon on earth is a beautiful woman... Trust me and she is wow so ya she is not in bed with them __ nothing more devastating to an alfa then that touch her and ill make Satan high brow me. She may be rite or she maybe wrong..._._ ether way all i can do is look in eyes and i am butter.... Okyyyyyy power!
  • blakehole76 reply You know, us humans do learn from pain. "Don't touch the stove its hot." "Yeooooh! Bahhhhh!" Time to give Patreon and YouTube some pain.
  • SavageHenry reply Upvoted for Styx finally learning how to pronounce Patreon.
  • 1TruthHunter reply Patreon is history they screwed themselves. I will never send any of my money to them again. There obviously anti-free speech and part of the left wing nut cases that are hell-bent on destroying America and the world. https://hatreon.us/ sounds like a very good alternative. As of right now if content creators wants funding from me they had better get an account with Hatreon or any other non-political funding site. Patreon is dead to me.
  • tonygreene113 reply the jack conte patreon reply video was such horseshit. it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo crap
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