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Liberalism is NOT Dead [4/4]

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October 10 2017

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In which I defend what Americans might call "centrist-libertarianism" against "leftist-liberalism"; or, in plain English, "liberalism" against "Marxism". My Links: My Patreon: My Twitter: @GEdwardsTwit My Minds: Educational Links: + Communitarianism: /redirect?redir_token=IWuFDhzJUtWQqQg10llUlhoAl2J8MTUwODc2NTM5NUAxNTA4Njc4OTk1& + Sandel (1982) “Liberalism and the Limits of Justice”: /redirect?redir_token=IWuFDhzJUtWQqQg10llUlhoAl2J8MTUwODc2NTM5NUAxNTA4Njc4OTk1& + naughty place to look for books (may require VPN) is LibraryGenesis2M + Gutmann (1985) ‘Communitarian Critics of Liberalism’ (via Philpapers) (it's illegal to enter the DOI into this, don't do it kids!) The best known example of the current wave of Empricial research in the Humean tradition is, of course, summerised (for popular consumption) in this: /redirect?redir_token=IWuFDhzJUtWQqQg10llUlhoAl2J8MTUwODc2NTM5NUAxNTA4Njc4OTk1& The realtionship between David Hume and Adam Smith: /redirect?redir_token=IWuFDhzJUtWQqQg10llUlhoAl2J8MTUwODc2NTM5NUAxNTA4Njc4OTk1& Why it's unlikely Smith was a "vulcan": /redirect?redir_token=IWuFDhzJUtWQqQg10llUlhoAl2J8MTUwODc2NTM5NUAxNTA4Njc4OTk1& Music Links: Eurythmics (1986) “Thorn In My Side”: Tycho (2013) “Science of Patterns”: 2 Unlimited (1993) "No Limit": Beethoven (1824) “Symphony No.9”:

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