Charlottlesville: A Rally, a Terror Attack, and Character Assassination

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  • JonTheBemused reply Well expressed. I am getting really pissed off at the media. The BBC has been as biased as fuck about this. They ran a "who's responsible for the rise of the alt-right?" piece. And of course, they didn't even get close. They blamed Trump instead of the regressives who've been demonising white people, and males in particular, for years. And then everyone is surprised with the rise of a movement of white males. And it is, IMO, a sad day when the only politician who seems to have made an accurate assessment of the situation, and is brave enough to say it, is Donald Trump, whereas all the other politicians, of whatever political stripe, refuse to condemn the violence from the left. I read about how few sitting Republicans were supportive of Trump's stance. And now our PM, Theresa May, has come out with the same garbage. About how the racists must always be condemned more. First, why? But secondly, both sides are racists, just in different directions. And there is still this re...morefusal to condemn AntiFa, BLM and BAMN for the hate groups that they are. I haven't watched footage of all of the march, but the bits I saw (from the night march) the slogans were not calling for anyone to be killed (unlike BLM). And was orderly and peaceful (unlike AntiFa). But somehow the right wing are worse? And that is something I never thought I would write. But until our politicians demonstrate that they are capable of even recognising what is going on, then being honest about it, I will be very worried indeed.
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