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  • [ – ] GidgetGirl reply We need all Truth Reporters on Vidme and off of Youtube.
  • [ – ] GidgetGirl reply I was banned from twitter for my belief in Pro Life and for defending my rights from liberal california laws from Kamala Harris and Gov Jerry Brown. Then they shut me down. On now😊
  • [ – ] rupertly reply Reason works in a civilized environment. If your enemy lower themselves to violence as a means to gain power, you have to use violence or lose the power. Look at Clare W. Graves's "Emergent Cyclic Levels of Existence Theory". The higher up you can sustain society the better off you are. But arguing with for example lvl3 (red) in power will just get you shot.
    • GAConyers parent reply Thank you for the reading recommendation. I'm just getting more into psychology and philosophy, and this seems like a good one to request from the library for a start.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply No more peace and love. Just not in people's vocabulary unfortunately.
  • ArtisticLayman reply Or at the very least read Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Bankers are free to speak. Also they are able to prevent others speaking via rent-a-mob!
  • GeorgeEnglish reply The cat's out the bag. Yesterday I found out the police let them fight for an agenda that came from high up.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply This whole thing with Charlottesville has plenty of racial harmony in thr air. White supremacy, muslim radicals, blah blah blah. We are the roots of all evil. Ugh. Glad you made the video man.
  • vanners reply Calling them children is about right. I call out my children for using force - not bricks, but any sort of violence, even threats of violence. This is how they learn. It appears the rioters never had a father that would call them out for their bad behaviour and tell them what is right and wrong, tell them how to pursue their objectives without infringing on other's rights. Some of my children are better than others when it comes to restraining themselves, but they ALL know where the line is. It used to be said that if we don't pull our children into line then eventually the law will do it, and in a way that neither the parent nor the child appreciates. Today it seems that the law (or those who are supposed to uphold it) is behaving like a bad parent - biased, unprincipled, unwilling to step in and solve the matter no matter how much it escalates. THIS is what happens when society destroys the family. No society can survive the destruction of the natural family.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I agree talking and peaceful talking won't work because the activist that showed up too this event, NEVER intended on having a debate. There intent was too assault, this is a premeditated attack on a planned permitted event. The Mayor is of Charlottesville Va allowed this, in fact he sanctioned what happened there, because he told the police to stand down. Many police chiefs of large cities, disagree with the idea that the police stand down on the order of the Mayor. The police Chief needs to be brought in front of a court and give testemony as to the fact that he was indeed told to stand down. This needs to be conducted in a court of law and if indeed he was told to stand down by the Mayor then the Mayor needs to give sufficient reason why he did this or be charged for murder of this girl as a accomplish too this planned act of violence. The police that watched this should also be questioned during the trial that should be conducted and evidence given under oath. Their individual stat...moreements of the events should be immediately collected as their daily logs. This can be compared too their testimony as too who was instigating these violent actions. My gut feeling is the Mayor allowed this to happen and will end up in prison. Jeff Sessions should use the full investigative force of the CIA, FBI, and any other agency too gather documents, investigate the mayor and city council for neglect or connection of those that incited the violence and the government of Charlottesville Va. The event organizers with the permit should immediately start civil law suit against the Mayor and the Police for their failure too provide protection and enforce a peaceful assembly. I hope the Mayor, again my gut feeling, when found guilty, ends up in federal prison for year and the civil suit cleans him out., I believe what we are seeing is organized violence and those that are behind this are currently selecting future events too cause more violence and disrupt. That is why this needs too be investigated with extreme prejudice and evidence gathered as this truly is a terrorist organized event. What is the reason for apply for a permit if all it does is inform those that wish too ship in violent activist too disrupt a scheduled event time too gather their hired goons time to plan their attacks and bring baseball bats and helmets too carry out this terrorist action. Yes it assault with a deadly weapon, which is a federal offence. This murder and violent actions have elevated this to an act of terrorism and the resulting murder at this events screams for Jeff Sessions to raid the offices of ANTIFA, and get a list of every member that attended this event, and investigate every single one of them too see if they were involved in violent criminal assaults, I say start the investigation and military court proceedings, because the media wants too call this a terrorist act, well ANTIFA if that is so it now takes on a whole new level of urgency.
  • Auceza reply The major and the chief of the police have to step down. Also the major should be sued.
  • permavirgin reply WHAT ARE YOU RETARDED?!
  • BJDOnline reply On point. Gave a speech on free speech last week.
  • Tigerblu reply Anyone with half a brain knows it was a set up. Played right into the lefts agenda
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