Youtube Union Manifesto Exit Strategy Suggestion YouTubeExodus

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  • Kos2sok reply This is a smart idea.
  • Auceza reply The idea to create a YouTube Union is pretty interesting. Maybe you should talk to Styx about this idea. In the long term there is a need to become independent from corporate platforms. There is a need to create an independent network, controlled by the people.
  • [ – ] mattytripps reply You guys all need to stop uploading to youtube altogether. Take your fans with you now. End it now. Let the exodus happen now! You all need to do it to have an impact
    • Auceza parent reply No. The viewership has to follow to other platforms voluntary like you and me. The right wing YouTubers are already in trouble and they need support.
  • [ – ] funandreviews reply expand (possible spam) maybe not just make it so shes not making the company money, make it so she is costing them money. the major lawsuits coming up will help with that,
    • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Your comment has been marked as spam. I wonder why. Anyways. YouTube doesn't make profit and it looks like that Google doesn't care about this issue. Google actually uses YouTube to gain control. And they pay for this control.
      • [ – ] funandreviews parent reply expand (possible spam) also, i was marked as spam? i thought my comment ok?
        • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Yes your comments were marked as spam. At the end we know that YouTube don't want free speech on their platform. Maybe there are ways to enforce them to tolerate free speech. But they will find new ways to oppress and bullyl the users. In other words: Sue a Nazi-Regime. Do you think they will change their ideology because they lost a trial? YouTube has to go. Google has to go. They are enemies of the people.
          • funandreviews parent reply expand (possible spam) they will try, but, once they lose enough money from lawsuits they will be forced to do one of two things, shut down creator driven part of youtube all together,(horrible idea) or simply deal with reality.(far more profitable)
      • funandreviews parent reply expand (possible spam) it may not make money, but, if you make it cost enough, the lawsuits will drain maybe some pocket change to them, however, one of the lawsuits is a class action for all creators who monitize if i understand that correctly.meaning, the money people like pewdiepie made, if google loses, they will have to hand over that, and then some. pewdiepie amount alone might be enough to get them to raise an eyebrow, now add that up to all the other creators who were hit.losing a few hundred thousand for a company the size of google might not be major, but losing a few million not counting all the other creators? someone will be looking into that.
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