So-Called Libertarians Not Recognizing the Threat of North Korea Don't Understand Anything

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  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply I stand by this 100%. Sometimes action is necessary. Now is one of those times.
    • MickiDaWop parent reply Dead-on-balls correct. Styx has an understanding of the facts and history on this topic that far exceeds his years. Most people have no knowledge of Bill Clinton's and George Bush's role in this situation, which is sad.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Youre pretty balanced and i think you've weighed in very fairly. I think as long as we have all of our allies in the region leading the charge with us providing air support I'd be ok with it. I really would like to avoid a war though. You do make an excellent point however that the longer we wait the more capable they will be to deliver. Really we should be backup for allies in the region, if anything IMO.
  • jsdlkfjlksjdaogfo reply that knife analogy was bullshit. it would be like a dude a mile away saying "im gonna stab you" and you drone him
  • StolenMoment reply DPRK is no threat except to the Washington Post. Guam? This is worthy of a comic book. China, Russia, ROK, Japan can easily defend themselves once they are convinced we arn't going to do it for them. Obvious neocon load of crap for the weak minded. BTW: subs are easily tracked by the U.S. Navy.
  • aspiepaul reply If ww3 starts, I just hope california gets nuked first...
  • BatuhanSundal90 reply They completely have their backs against the wall, now that Russia has bailed on them and Trump has swung China on our side by dangling trade over their heads. There isn't a single court on this planet that would show these monarchy of midgets the light of the day after all the atrocities they've comitted; we know damn well they're gonna try to go out in a bang and they need to be nipped in the bud.
  • [ – ] valereth reply Obama seemed content to completely ignore North Korea. The question comes down to this, though. What if we cannot get China or South Korea to be on board with attacking North Korea? Mattis lent more credibility to Trumps threat to NK
  • Lonewolf072 reply Pretty much on the spot:
  • funkul reply Unless something's changed recently, NK's subs are all "brown water", meaning they don't have the range to operate any real distance from their coast, much less make it to our lower 48 and DC.
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