Car stealing and flying houses //Battlegrounds

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  • [ – ] SucoVidya reply Clickiest baitiest video ever. Nice rainbow six tags in your description too.
    • [ – ] Derpyswaglord parent reply Varying opinion then... I find a large building floating over 200m out to be a pretty big glitch
      • [ – ] SucoVidya parent reply After you've changed the title from 'biggest glitch ever' and removed the rainbow six siege tags from the description it makes more sense. Expecting people to watch 5 minutes of video to find that part about the biggest glitch ever based on the previous title and putting r6 tags in the description is misleading. As a viewer its annoying but it's good for you and future views on your video that you've changed it. Best wishes
        • Derpyswaglord parent reply It was never my intention to do so, was tired when released it, didn't think. The description thingy is my Yt upload default that I can't remeber how to nor be bothered to change I just delete it from every description regardless. Thanks for pointing it out, would never have noticed without so! All the best.
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