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  • [ – ] whako reply Sorry about the desync/delayed audio, I have found a fix I believe for the program which I use to record.
    • BobbyTheSheep parent reply No problem human, the game play footage is still good!! PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is gonna probably be the best battle royale game around. In one month, it's passed what H1Z1 tried to do for many years. H1Z1 started out really strong, but I think it lost a lot of steam along the way with very weird or slow fixes. PlayerUnknown knows what he is doing anyway and it shows!!! Have you tried Unturned's new Battle Royale mod as well? It's quite fun! And the game is free too, so worth a try! Heading over to YouTube to find and support ya!
  • whako reply Again thanks for the support and feedback! I played Unturned I played pretty sure a year ago and didn't really stick with it but I will give a shot to the Battle Royale game mode they have done. H1Z1 I believe will not last to PUBG as it was too arcadey for me and less content.
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