My 1st vidme video

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  • OpenAirGarage reply Enjoyed the video.
  • VintageElectronicsGeek reply Doug, I agree with most of what you stated...except the age, works and grand-kids thing! ~Jack, VEG
  • [ – ] umajunkcollector reply well well well, look who's here, more subs! Is that I-70? I like choochoo trains, especially steam. As for YT hasles, many of my faves quit, left, or were suspended. Many are being demonitised after investing in cameras, mics, lighting, and editors. And rumor has it that it ain't gonna be free. So I'll give a good try. btw, be glad Clinton didn't win, it would have affected you in a bad way. Don
    • [ – ] mosslack parent reply Hi Don, no that is I-65. I really doubt YT will ever charge for their service. And I survived Obama and Bill, so I could of survived Hillary. I triy my best not to discuss politics or religion cause that was what I was taught. Funny how things like that stick with you, even after all these years. :)
      • [ – ] umajunkcollector parent reply Doug, I'll admit to a bit of a grudge at YT. I had two channels canned for copywrong. I used the Little Rascals portions, and some music, in some vids. They took down my channels that had over a hunred of vids. The same happened to some friends. I also was trolled, and YT didn't care. I quit myspace without grudge, it simply sucked. And YT sucks more. D
        • VintageElectronicsGeek parent reply Don, what I find best to play commercial stuff is to change the pitch of the audio and speed or slow it down, not a lot but just a notch or two, for now that works...but I'm sure one day, they will have better sniffing software. ~Jack, VEG
  • [ – ] OLD64GOAT reply Nice VLOG Doug
  • [ – ] MostlymoparIH reply See More Movies. Raymond again. Soup is always good. Liberals want you to understand that you don't know what you are doing and they do. If they had a motto it would be, My way or the highway and I own the highway so it's my way. Did ya vote Doug? Oh and how do ya know when somebody has left a comment and has anyone posted a comment besides me? I ask because I don't see any comments. First time here. I like working but it also depends what the job is. I cleaned out a chicken coop once and while that was a stinky job my job at Geico was worse, it was the worse job and company that I worked four4. Good vid Doug.
    • [ – ] mosslack parent reply Thanks Marty. Not really sure about a lot of things on here yet, took me awhile to figure out how to make the videos I post public. :) No I didn't vote, No reason to that I could tell. You are the only comment so far.
      • [ – ] mosslack parent reply Looks like you get an email when someone comments, much the same as YT.
        • MostlymoparIH parent reply It's another place to post your vids but like ya said it's new and since we aint been here much gotta find where the bathrooms are and the light switches and all that. Don't wanna leave the lights on when we go. We're not Motel 66 and I don't wanna pay the electric bill no matter how much it is. Okay Doug talk to ya soon.
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