MGTOW - My View of This New Men's Movement

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  • [ – ] CheapShotMcGee762 reply After having communicated with people who are in the MGTOW movement, I have come to the conclusion that most of the people there are either too negative, or do not know how to choose and make long term relationships happen (not just romantically). Those people in real life are generally isolated from what I have noticed.
  • [ – ] QueenOfHearts1111 reply When I heard about this MGTOW movement.. Firstly i thought of the Fleetwood Mac song "You can go your own way"... My next thought was this was the "male response" to feminism. I'm not sure why they feel the need to ban against women... Or what they have to feel oppressed or "unequal" over.. But there has always been a "Boys club" and the club is called the "Patriarchy".. Haven't men ALWAYS been "going their own way?" It has been THEIR way or no way for centuries. I am just wondering if they feel their place on top is being threatened, that they feel they need to ban together and "protect" it. Times have changed... and men can't always get their way and do as they please and have women do as they please. So my feeling is they have made this club..." movement" or whatever to whine about women.. The whole movement seems very self-absorbed... Putting themselves above all.. and looking out for their "own best interests.." That is nothing new.. Men looking out solely for their own interest...mores is a major reason why the world is so fucked! This is what they have always done.. Now they just have given it a title. I won't pretend to know what the entire movement is about.. Obviously, like you said the separation of genders and pitting against eachother is not what the world needs... The last thing we need is more Divide... but Personally, I don't really care if they "Go their own way" I actually prefer it. Lol... really I just wanted to comment on the cute deer and kitty clips... maybe I should have just done that.. ha
    • MisanthropicINTJVegan parent reply I don't have as much animosity towards men as I used to, as I NOW understand they are simply victims of a societial influence/brainwashing. I know I'll most likely not come accross a man I would date who agrees with me, since so many people, not just men have the courage to reject the false realities imposed on them by the numerous influences(ers). It's an unfortunate time we live in - waiting for a shift, but I know it will come in the most unwanted, unexpected way.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply To a certain extent you are correct but also, being an INTJ myself, I cannot help but notice that you argue to have men ignore or not follow the MGTOW movement and yet, you yourself identify, at least to some degree, as a misanthropic. Can you, at least, see the hypocrisy in your statement? I am an advocate of MGTOW but I myself do not have to follow the movement. But do think it does have some merits. One being, men o not have an advantage in relationships as much as they have had in the past. It is not my advantage in being married or having children. The cost analysis risk is too great in the U.S. for men these days.
    • MisanthropicINTJVegan parent reply expand (possible spam) I don't see any hypocrisy. To begin with, yes, I am a misanthrope - thus I dislike/distrust ALL genders, not just one. The MGTOW movement is a result of the brainwashing of our culture(s). Part, if not the majority, of my misanthropy is due to the utter stupidity of most people to 1st-see past their brainwashing; 2nd-to do something to break free; 3rd-aid in deprogramming those around them. That has nothing to do with gender, just people - all people are culpable. Your assertions about the pros of MGTOW are a direct result of everyone being "good little robots" - not seeing the entirety of a situation, from both sides/genders. If you search out, or come accross articles about divorce and it's harm to men, you will find tons of info. Try doing the same for women, it is just as problematic, both monetarily, and emotionally. We can all find data to support our argument(s), and ignore the data to support the opposing side. The cost you speak of is monetary, but cost comes in many fo...morerms. These costs are equally distrubuted to the sexes when a split occurs - some monetary, some emotional. Our society has placed money above all other things, so that is what people are driven by - money. That is our societies mistake, not a single gender mistake.
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