A capella solo karaoke Bee Gees -- To Love Somebody

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  • [ – ] ImmaculateKnowledge reply I was reminiscing while listening to some of my old favorites when you were uploading a bunch of your songs here earlier. I ended up listening to several of them that you tweeted out and wanted to let you know I love your voice and enjoyed what I heard quite a bit. I was tweeting a few of my favorites with some memories attached and one of them is Van Morrison's, Into the Mystic. Have you ever considered doing any Van Morrison covers? I would love to hear you do that one, if you're ever so inclined. I guess this is a request, but my main intention is to let you know you are quite talented and I'm a fan. Keep Rockin my not to distant neighbor to the North. I'll keep listening. Also, it's cool to see you over here at Vidme. I hope this or something similar becomes a viable and profitable option for creators like yourself and others hit hard by the YouTube horseshit. Take care :)
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