The Future of Vidme & What I'm Afraid of

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  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply don't want vidme to go the same way as youtube, with all the people just doing it for fame, fortune and money just so they can dominate the website, which is absolutely disgusting, to them is all about the big numbers and the level of success that means a lot to them and not given a rats ass about the community and not helping out the smaller content creators for the fact they are using us and that really angers me more because fame has gotten to their thick skulls, we all ready know these big content creators have dominated youtube and this is one of the reasons why I am not interested with big egotistical content creators. I swear if my vidme channel grows big in the future. I will help out the small content creators to get some exposure they deserve and that is a promise.
    • [ – ] MrKnoxious parent reply Preach!
    • [ – ] isakv parent reply WTF? Youtube is their job, so obviously they want to be paid for it, right? Yeah there are some few people who scam their viewers with fake giveaways, etc... but only 1 in 1,000,000 creators does that....
      • [ – ] Trap_Luverz parent reply I agree with this and I'm all for community and all here but trashing big youtubers because they care about the numbers is not right imo..for a lot of people youtube is a job like isakv said. They got bills to pay. For some people making videos is just a hobby but for others it's their livelihood.
        • [ – ] isakv parent reply Yeah, all the equipment and tools they need cost money (editing software, cameras, lightning, microphones) and some channels like Unbox Theraphy needs money to buy the stuff they review. If youtube didn't pay their creators then youtube would only be minecraft let's plays and shitty 10 second videos.
          • UnarmoredForce parent reply There was a time when Youtube didn't pay the users and it was kinda like vidme, sorta, but with more videos of random events that happened in zoos.
    • bononoz1 parent reply Ho damn! That's some good words to live by!
  • [ – ] DustProductions reply I am a YouTuber with around 13,000 subscribers. and I just started a vidme page. starting over sucks but everyone here is nice
  • [ – ] USUandS reply For the short time I've been on Vidme, it's been nothing but a great and new experience as a content creator. Mostly coming from my interactions with the creators and community here. And at the same time, I see growing problems like you mentioned with bigger yt creators coming here and drowning out smaller creators. It does worry me. I also do feel the community here has a vocal opinion which has been very motivating to see, especially from the bigger Vidme creators. Even as Vidme grows, my hope is the audience that is currently here will continue to grow. I think the most a lot of us can do is continue addressing and talking about the issues that crop up. I enjoyed what you had to say and I think it's something that's on a lot of people's minds here.
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply My thoughts.....just makemsure no more Joeysalads types join. Joeysalads is awful and we don't need more awful people like him over here. Long as we don't get more like Joeysalads we should be pretty much in the clear.
      • Aaronshy parent reply There's one person I brought over here with me. Bronycake. He chose to do livestreams.......without a money goal or anything......on YouTube. Since doing so he never got false copyright claims or anything but he tries to do Vidme stuff still too. The one person I want over here is mastermax888 cause he defended me....against his own fans no less. I took that seriously and have been his fan for years. Having friends that happen to be on YouTube certainly makes me want them over here instead.
    • [ – ] Rainbowdoodler209 parent reply I agree, screw prank channels...
      • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply Yes. We don't need more bad prank channels. At least with more lets players we see the people are trying not just to entertain but to do something. Prank channels can be awful.....and's annoyed me for a long time since they practically took over YouTube.
  • [ – ] JaggerWolf reply I'm glad to be here on this platform and on this channel. I've enjoyed the comedy and truth this video has. Keep up the good work!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply it's good if Vidme becomes big but to keep this culture. I mean, we cannot stop "cancerous" content and people but most of the time, it's up to Vidme or YT to keep the community like this. For example, there are many toxic people in YT however most of the issues and problems creators have are things that comes from YT side. Im sure that Vidme is not foolish to follow the footstep of youtube. YT is a great case study to learn from. YT and vidme have similar community guidelines but only 1 of them implements and follows them. It's okey for BIG YTers to come here, as long as they know that we have a different culture and community here.
  • [ – ] RedZeptic reply noice vid m8. I agree :3
  • [ – ] PowerKegGreg reply My biggest worry is that since real humans run Vidme, at some point there's going to be a list of creators that the crew are going to be biased for. If the Vidme crew can maintain a neutral out look, that's great but if certain creators start bringing in big traffic flow and exposure for Vidme, how do we know special treatment wont happen?
  • [ – ] Comander-O reply I agree with you since with how well the community acts most the time here I could see this place grow better then Youtube. We just have to keep supporting one another and helping out those new to Vidme to maintain the good that is in this community. :)
  • [ – ] BrassCandy reply *insert receipt meme here*
  • [ – ] theglimmerman reply vidme is censoring political content just like youtube
  • [ – ] Fraglrokt reply Its so sad to see how down the drain youtube has gone. and i hope the same doesnt happen here its why i am in the process of switching.
    • [ – ] GoMGTOW parent reply The power of the advertisers $$$ along with the liberal medias influence is a destructive force that few platforms are immune too.
      • [ – ] Fraglrokt parent reply Thats so sad too. because most of their agenda is garbage
        • GoMGTOW parent reply Their motive is to infringe on the freedom of speech and expression as much as possible, so they can push their own political agenda. The powers that be can influence the right as well as the left, and sometimes both at the same time. Be vigilant and observant.
        • Rainbowdoodler209 parent reply Liberal agendas are pretty crappy...
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply That intro was pure spaghetti. Excellent maymay, 4/5, 9/10 No, but to be serious, I generally agree with you on this video, we need to be careful to not allow VidMe to suffer the same problems as YouTube has. I think we have a better chance right now because VidMe is an independent site at the moment rather than a subsidiary of Google, er, Alphabet (whatever they're calling themselves now) and the staff is extremely open to communicating with content creators.
  • [ – ] DoobelS reply PREACH, bro! People of vidme are so great, helpful, creative and talented. Hopefully it stays like that, while vidme also grows into a bigger platform. As long as none of that toxic "competition-mentality" that is on YouTube never comes over here, and the site doesn't get invaded by kids who spread negativity, I think the community will stay as good as it is now :)
  • [ – ] tomjung reply This sucked. I didn't like this.
  • [ – ] MatthewHoltz reply Everything you say is pretty valid, and me being someone who literarily started a vidme channel without having a youtube channel prior, does fear that I won't get exposure because bigger youtubers have moved over here and people like me might get drowned out.
  • [ – ] MrMaker reply Hi all!
  • [ – ] Westley_Nash reply I think in the end we can but simply keep doing our thing & supporting the community as & while we can. I found with any business it will go it's own way regardless, we must adapt ourselves accordingly. As YouTube, VidMe etc Make their choices for their own benefit we need to do the same for our benefit. I think VidMe is great, it shows up the money hungry tosh that is YouTube more & more each time I log on & I get more interaction on my videos here in a week than I do in a whole 6 months on YT. Advertising is a large part of the problem on YouTube, because while the company have to satisfy advertisers the content creator will always come second. It used to at least be a double edged sword where we may have to restrict our content but at least we got to make some scratch out of it, encouraging us to continue with the platform, but now they demonetise videos for the slightest little thing which means now we have little reason to stay. Vidme has a community (& not some fake wannabe commu...morenities you may find on YT) that is about content; how YT used to be. Ultimately let us enjoy Vidme as it is now 😊
  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply great video bro i came over to vidme just recently and it's a breath of fresh air no competition no drama just create share chat rinse and repeat. Loving it so far . Thanks for sharing your thoughts . Peace DGTLONE
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