Christianity vs Paganism. Now is not the time to be disunited

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  • OrionBlastar reply I agree with you, we ought to unite instead of disunite and fight each other. Back in the 1980s I was on a WWIV Network named PaganNet that I was able to talk to some Pagans and we should find things that we share in common. Like helping out the poor and homeless, as well as disabled and sick. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all Abrahamic religions so they can find things in common. In some Paganism they have a rule like the golden rule. Do what thou wilt shall be the law, and love shall be the whole of the law. But some Pagans forget the part after the comma. Love is one thing we have in common. We cannot unite without love, forgiveness, and tolerance. Heck, we even give equal rights to Satanists, Discordians, might as well give the same rights to Wiccans, Pagans, Norse, whatever.
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