Welcome The Unexpected!

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  • [ – ] Fox1cake0 reply I am glad you are feeling refreshed and I think it is important to switch gears and refocus every once in awhile :-)
    • [ – ] Proto parent reply Yep! When my PC was gone, for about a week I was just sitting in my room (like I normally do) but this last week been very refreshing.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply You don't need your PC to break to feel refreshed ;) Yea, the unexpected things and experiences is what sticks to us and makes life a bit more interesting. I'm kinda like you, i don't always hang out with my friends as much as i would like to, but we are cool. Anyways, Great to know your PC is back. (Ps. advice, try not to look at the viewfinder or your camera. it's hard, i know you wanna see yourself, you narcissist :P but try looking at the lens as much as possible)
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