MY NON-MONOGAMOUS SEX LIFE (My Relationship with J)

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  • [ – ] Nutjobpls reply Let's balance things out here. I realize that this is your lifestyle choice, but your arguments for polyamory or against monogamy are rooted in emotion rather than logic or history. Both of these concepts have natural and societal functions, some of which are dependent on time and environment. Polyamory, as it is now, belongs to chaos on the chaos-order spectrum. It is very much an aspect of postmodernism and marxism, things that have been pushed through media for decades. So, this lifestyle of yours has been chosen for you by individuals who detest otherwise. Further, polyamory in females contradicts everything about their biological composition, so what you are describing in this video is nothing more than a sexual fetish. There is nothing wrong with that, however. Everyone has their own preferences, but don't confuse it with the complexities of polyamory or monogamy.
    • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply I disagree with my lifestyle being an emotional response. Our emotions are tailored to what we should do to further our species. We feel maternal instincts, jealousy toward our mates' other prospective mates, and we pair off for an amount of years because that's what's proven to work through evolution. I can see past these baser instincts and choose what works best for me within my reality; sans whatever visceral emotions I am programmed to feel... the ones most people allow to control them entirely. It seems you are conflating my video with one that is preaching, or telling people what is "right." What is right for me is NOT what is right for most, or for our future as a species. Also, to correct you, I am not into polyamory, nor polygamy. I don't love or marry other people. I simply fuck my attractive friends. I have one solid bond that has no equal. :)
      • [ – ] Nutjobpls parent reply Polyamory is the custom or practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the full knowledge and consent of all partners concerned. It seems to be exactly what you're doing, unless your attractive friends don't know about "J". This is besides the point, though. You see, our emotions have nothing to do with the advancement of our species. Emotion is irrational chemical reactions in the body. Advancement comes from critical thinking, and quite frankly pure accident. You pair with another person because of indicators of healthy genes that will produce strong off-spring. There is no emotion in these indicators. You said it yourself: "I simply fuck my attractive friends." I agree that your video is not preaching, it is rather the result of someone else's doctrine that has been presented to you. I suppose my issue here is not with you, really, but with young, impressionable minds that visit your videos, thinking your lifestyle is normal or should be normal. There is just so much ...moremore to it than emotion, but that is not to say that there is no emotion in it at all. There is a balance of things.
        • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply Also, polyamory, by definition, ("amory") is loving multiple people. It might be used colloquially for "just sex," but that is not the definition. It's about having deep emotional connections as well. These other people are just my sexual partners, not my partners. I think you're misunderstanding the word "partner" in that context, perhaps. Polyamorous people say they have multiple "boyfriends" and they will live life often as a three-way relationship.
        • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply We are programmed to desire and feel certain things to prolong our species. Emotions are irrational, but we feel certain ways for evolutionary reasons. This is not up for interpretation and is seen a fact among biologists and psychologists. Man's biggest fear is providing for another's offspring, so they are jealous of a woman's other sexual partners, and woman are worried about losing their stable resources to their offspring, so they are jealous of a man's emotional connections. I just finished a course called The Psychology of Human Behavior where evolutionary psychology is outlined pretty simply. Anyway, I have no concern for impressionable children. It's not my responsibility to be a parent, even though I think my message is "do whatever makes you happy." This, in my opinion, makes me a great role model. I believe all lifestyles and opinions deserve a platform, and we should not shelter people, but help them to learn that they can think for themselves.
          • [ – ] Nutjobpls parent reply Then your attractive friends are your 'consorts', or 'concords' if you want to remove love out the picture even further. Well, feminists rarely know what feminism is, so I wouldn't expect polyamorous people to know what it actually means, either. I think calling someone your 'consort' or 'concord' sounds much nicer than 'sexual partner'. It also better separates them from your actual 'partner', as in boyfriend/husband, "J" in this case. I'll just backtrack a little and bluntly state what I meant with the first post. I don't dispute that emotion serve certain essential functions, such as fear protecting humans from predators. However, all throughout history, whenever a civilization begins to shall we say 'loosen up' and indulge in illogical sexual fantasies, excessive immigration from other cultures, and so on, they just crash and burn. It has nothing to do with fear of another man's offspring. It is the fear of societal laws that forces a man to pay for a woman's child based solely o...moren her word that it is his. There is a train of thought that deals with the 'rules' of polyamory: "Men carry the plentiful seed, women carry the rare egg." Women are not supposed to have multiple relations in the case of conception, which technically excludes women who prevent it. Psychology is a pseudo-scientific circle jerk. Nothing else. Well, some people find happiness in raping children or beheading what they deem to be 'infidels'. However, in the case of love and sexual relationships, I suppose you're right. The only thing that remains, based on what we've discussed, is whether or not you actually should. Some things are better remained as fantasy.
            • SYD_RYDR parent reply Like that this has been the most intelligent discussion I have seen in the comments section of a video. Kudos to both of you. I have to look back on my opinions.
        • Hari_Seldon parent reply Her boyfriend is just a cuck
        • Squareinthecircle parent reply Agreed- thanks Nutjob.
      • adambradley518 parent reply You are onto something there... Actually from an evolutionary standpoint.... Women had sex with as many alpha males as were available to them. This increased the diversity and chances of survival of her offspring. It benefits males to make females monogamous, as this ensures that only his offspring prevail. In short.... Males and females have opposing evolutionary sexual strategies.
  • [ – ] bigduck112 reply Hey monkeys that work in offices, we don't want these videos! Please remove them or relocate them to youtube with the rest of this horseshit! This is fans speaking am I right?
  • [ – ] tekeli-li reply Since you asked for it: fuck fukkity schlong. Glad you're so happy with your friend's big dick. It's really nice to see someone speaking so positively about ... well ... anything at this point.
  • [ – ] plantfilledman reply articulate, pseudo-intelligent, extremely shallow, empty, fake in all aspects of appearance, food for the plebs
    • TaraBabcock parent reply 2 out of 5 ain't... well, it IS bad. :P
    • [ – ] adambradley518 parent reply You jelly bro, bc dem boobies gets her 100k subs in like a month? I think she actually has interesting thing to talk about. I don't agree with her on all points, but it's great that vidme HAS all points to listen to.
      • plantfilledman parent reply Yeah... No problem with that 'open ear policy' of Vidme... My point is one of those that is listened to... (...and jealous? Oh no, not at all. Not more than being jealous for the money of those who sell their kidneys)
  • sydewayz54 reply I used to fuck 5 different girlfriends I had everyday for 3 years I was with them until I moved. I loved them all equally in their own way because each relationship is unique and wonderful However that was long before all the recent alien hybridization programs went into high gear in all the deep underground milab bases where off planet ET;s are harvesting human DNA and making alien human hybrids this is very real you can get a dna test kit on amazon or ebay if your RH blood factor is positive then your DNA has not been spliced if it is negative for rhesus primate meaning RH(RHESUS its likely yourDNAa has been spliced with up to several hundred alien species there are only 30% of 100% humans on this planet, When you have intercourse the mans DNA imprint is implanted directly into yours. SEE PROJECT INSCENSION with Pattie Brassard here is a link PROJECT INSCENSION 12. Genetics and an in-depth look at who we are.
  • Kiruna reply western women are a huge bag of crazy. their chances of happiness in life is very low. look close at her eyes. I have no answers that could help. Men, please do your best to not be destroyed.
  • captain_panties reply Fuck fuckity shlong. You are great girl 💜 loved this video.
  • [ – ] richarddbuckley4 reply What would you do if he slept with the same women repeatedly and chilled at her house?
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Unfortunately I live in the future where everyone is dead so I don't get to pick either way. But when I was younger, when everyone was alive, and had the opportunity to be with women I would always get to the bedroom stage with a women from a club and be like "nope". Just didn't work for me. Needed to have emotions for them or just didn't work for me. But everyone is different.
  • MysticSword reply Well said. Live your life to what you think works for you and that you can be happy. Cheers! PS: So many colors in your video, it's like candy for the eyes. ;) Effity-effity-schlong.
  • Cennathis reply My Favourite Poem by far is "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost (1864 - 1963) and it speaks to something you said towards the end of the video. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply I'd like to talk to you about this, but I'd rather not publicize it - no idea if you'll message me directly, but if you could that would be great!
  • jarredjackson reply You even have cock all up in your name... So, yeah of course you ditched monogamy.
  • [ – ] Xistance reply I kind of see it like this also, though I thought it could of been because I was abused as a child. Seriously though, everyone I've met that thinks like I do has been abused as a child which was kind of my confirmation bias (is that the right word).
    • TaraBabcock parent reply Well, I had an amazing childhood and never had a single traumatic experience sexually or emotionally. I'm sorry you've experienced that! I did, however, have a mom and dad who nurtured me being whoever I want and thinking for myself. Most people are forced to think certain things growing up; most people are sheep, and our evolutionary biology wants us to reproduce.
    • B1488 parent reply What did you go through might I ask? It's alright if you dont want to say. Ive been abused myself and Im staying away from marriage or relationships.
  • eatsleepgamerepeat reply I have a weird lifestyle as well, that I think few would understand. I had my horizons broadened, with my now ex, and I am into sub-dom relationships. I'm dominant in the bedroom and I like taking the control. It's often misconception that beating, whips, chains, etc are involved in that lifestyle, but not true at all! I don't allow for this to be public knowledge, although videos exist in public domain because I'm not ashamed of what I have. I suppose all I'm saying is, that people have different concepts of relationships. You can be gentlemanly, sweet, caring, and yet have that other side. The one thing I was told besides some more nsfw things, were that my eyes that are brown, darken when I get aggressive. Without exploring that side of me, how would I have ever known. It was exhilarating and freeing. Just food for thought.
  • vahgeta reply I have been in Nonmonogamous relationship for the past two years, but my obstacle is meeting people to date or are ok with hooking up due to my lifestyle. How do you two do it?
  • Harbinger50 reply haha. fuck fuckity . . . schlong?
  • SimplyMad reply With me and my guy it's much the same as yours. We do have some rules but they are mostly common sense/unspoken(like condoms, no exes, etc).
  • Caperjim reply I'm down for open relationships.
  • Ynotgolonac reply Why do you look all deformed?
  • christianvang reply Hot and easygoing. Wish more existed.
  • CiraxAMV reply having toys in the thumbnail.. what you trying to attract kids to these vids or something :P
  • JonnyDoeInWisco reply Monogamy/Marriage is all about kids, it's important for kids to have that family unit, but what you want to do sexually between consenting adults is nobody's business but your own. Though I must say that men don't respect men who let their women screw other guys and I'd guess most women wouldn't either, because he's letting himself be cucked and runs a major risk of having to take care of another man's kid, and that takes up time and effort that he could be using to raise his own kids. It's just bad business. Obviously with birth control this risk is lowered, but who really uses it every time, and it doesn't really change the sentiment. Women run an even higher risk of this backfiring, since men can impregnate many other women in the time that she can have one kid, and that means his resources will have to be shared with other women. As far as developing feeling for another, that's fine when you don't have kids, but as soon as you do it changes the situation. Having parents togethe...morer is important for their development, and there are studies that show that kids who dont have that are far more likely to have serious troubles when they grow up.
  • [ – ] JunglesBongles reply WAS TARA A BOY BEFORE? ARE U TRANS?
  • [ – ] CaptainObvious reply Open relationship is code for I won't ever settle down. What a whore.
  • [ – ] Sm39m4 reply You need to train to be logical? Meh...
  • [ – ] shizumaru reply Hi Tara. I'm making my transition from YouTube to VIDME. How do you like it so far? How's the monetization like?
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