How to improve your youtube channel | 2017 Guide

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  • CXDaemonMedia reply It all went over my head due to ganja but I liked it. You should dub over YouTube with VidMe ;P
  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply 1) Be young and sexy 2) Be famous like Ellen, The Rock, or Jimmy Fallon 3) Go back in time and be a YouTuber before Hollywood took over - back when creators could gain a following 4) Become a professional photographer, graphic designer, videographer, and audio technician. Also, become a processional PR person. If you don't have time, spend thousands hiring people who are those things. 5) Walk on egg-shells in the post-Adpocolypse to try to not piss off YouTube's vague and temperamental flagging system 6) Post your stuff on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and get banned or ignored since those sites won't let people find you unless you post money. I have sources to back up my claims if you want to see them 😉
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