"Mystery Girl" | Final Fantasy VI Story Play | Act 1, Scene 1

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  • GrumpyOwlGaming reply Hello Everyone! Welcome to LP talk for Voice Actors! We'd like to introduce our guests Kuchiri and Zeroscore! - scattered applause - XD
  • [ – ] Kuchiri reply That's really cool. I literally just did the same thing with MegaMan Battle Network. I thought I was doing something new. Turns out we got ours done at the same time. Nice work.
    • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply Oh really!? I actually already did this idea of condensing down a game with Final Fantasy 8 (I only posted it on YouTube cause I started it over a year ago, don't feel like uploading the whole backlog here) but I'd never thought about the Battle Network games being voiced...I might have to go compare! :p
      • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply I'm not condensing, I'm doing it as a Let's Play but with voice actors doing the dialogue. A friend of mine years ago did a Fire Red Let's Play where the Gym Leaders were voiced by other Youtubers. None of the other dialogue. I'm going to get all the main stuff done in this. I also plan on doing FFIV PSP soon. (couple of the actors of BN are going to be gone for a month. So I'm thinking about having the two projects concurrent.
        • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply Ah, yeah, that's more like what my friend @KingBomBeard did then, which kind of gave me the idea for these story plays. He went through Pokemon Black and White as voice acted Let's Plays, but it took like...A LONG TIME, and there were a lot of episodes with barely any story, so I think by the end he kind of regretted not cutting more gameplay stuff out. I took that advice and just decided to focus on story with these! For the people that love the story elements of RPGs, but hate all the grind and how long they are, you know? Plus, I got tired of doing traditional Let's Plays, so this is a way to present gaming content with a fresh coat of paint. You've got some good voice actors on hand, though!
          • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply Hey Buddy! I just linked my team your vid. :D
            • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply Thanks so much! We should get our people involved in each other's future projects (since I assume yours is also done recording already), voice actors are always looking for more chances to hone their craft!
              • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply So you're people are always welcome to audition for it. I also see you have a great love for GBA games. I'm sure you played the series. :D If you are holding auditions I know my people are hungry for more lines. (Which is why I'm planning on doing this for two games concurrent lol)
                • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply No auditions right now, like I said, it's all done, just releasing episodes now...but I'll be doing ff9 next, so...in like...6 months or something when this one is over! (it's 20 episodes...one a week...I'm not good at math). I'll start talking about auditions and stuff for it in a few months, though. Already on like Disc 3 of the game, and edited together all the Disc 1 episodes (like I said, I like to be prepared), but I don't wanna overwhelm myself with two big voice projects at the same time, so when ff6 is like halfway done or so, I'll feel more comfortable with shifting focus to ff9 (And yes, I played all those games on GBA, they're fantastic, you made a good choice!)
                  • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply There's a giant guy in armor that has my name all over it. FFIX was my favorite final fantasy and I can't play the game without Steiner in my party. Favorite character. :D
                    • ZeroScore parent reply Haha I will have every character available to audition for, but I agree, Steiner is pretty fantastic. I mean, he's no Amarant, but he's cool.
              • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply I'm doing mine as an open project. Each time I record a new episode, I will hold an open audition. For example. Battle Network Episode 2 introduces FireMan. I will have an open audition for FireMan and have him say his lines. It will take a while to get done with the project, but it allows people to get invested with it at the same time. :D
                • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply Oh dang, you're going one episode at a time!? Well yeah, sounds like you could maybe use some more people, I'll pass the word on! I went disc by disc for ff8 and ran into all kinds of problems, so for this one I played the entire game before I even made the scripts for the actors (did auditions and cast people WHILE playing, just made sides from the online script I found), and then I made the script, based on the online one, from my playthrough, since those online scripts never include all the optional dialogue and stuff, and then sent it out to everyone and cut their parts into the episodes as they sent it in...now I've got like 95% of it all in (it's a 30+ person cast, too much to juggle to do it as I go) so it's okay to start...just a few main cast members that still owe me stuff from the end of the game, and there's plenty of time to get that in!
                  • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply I'm not just doing the script as voice acting. This gives me time to actually do some additions. Rewatch my video, there's some additions.
                    • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply Yeah, I get it. I'm just a planner...I like to have everything done before I do anything with it. Full time job, school, and a wedding to plan...rather do all the work in advance and then just release episodes weekly without worrying about all that every time :p
                      • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply Congrats man. So yeah, doing this weekly not only helps my actors get invested with the project. It also allows us to find neat little additions to do. Such as Dex shouting 'HOW DARE YOU CALL GUTSMAN EASY!' during the boss fight without a dialogue box popping up, because I called Gutsman easy. I'm about to record Episode 2 of BN, I use 'Behind the Voice Actors' For my auditions. I could always let your team get a crack at it before I let others though.
                        • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply What's "Behind the Voice Actors?" :/
                          • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply It's a website.... that was online this morning but seems to be down now. Basically you create a project, then people can find it and it's open auditions. I found everyone through BtVA.
                            • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply Oh! That's really cool, actually. I just told people about it on Twitter and YouTube, and between my friends and friends of friends, we managed to get everything cast and I even got to meet some new people...but it's good to know that's an option too! I tweeted out your project, telling my cast to contact you about it, some people have seemed interested already, so I hope it helps!
                              • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply Very nice. I do say though. We should have our next conversation in the comment string of one of my videos. :P We gave this video a very nice boost in comments lol.
                                • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply I still don't really know how Vidme works...comments are an important thing? They don't make much difference on YouTube, more about likes and view time
                                  • Kuchiri parent reply Anything that shows popularity improves your video. Views (Which you getting every time I reply), Comments, Shares, and Tips improve your video's image.
          • [ – ] Kuchiri parent reply I plan on cutting out the grind of course. I also plan on cutting out unnecessary battles out of the future episodes. However, I do believe the A to B of the game is still important instead of just jumping from cutscene to cutscene. :D
            • [ – ] ZeroScore parent reply Oh of course! There's no logical narrative if you don't see the progress, that would just be one of those videos that's "Compilation of every cutscene from this game", and I don't even understand why those exist.
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