Vidme Introduction - State of the yoUtubeNION (Vidme Exclusive)

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  • [ – ] mOOnDustShow reply YT won't die but it's the end of the road for me ;) ! Wish you the best here on vidme !
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply I'mma support you on vidme, I'mma support you on the YT! It don't matter! Keep eating big and lifting heavy brother!
  • [ – ] TimThebodeau reply Hi bby <3
  • [ – ] VukMUS reply We at CVM think what we're seeing is the death of YouTube as we have known it. As it becomes more corporate-friendly, its former bread-and-butter, the small content creator, will become a liability. Moreover, we also think that, while this won't destroy YouTube on its own, it, combined with a much more aggressive competitor, will. That's why it's good to have a base on Vidme and other audio-visual platforms. It's an insurance policy. Also, the Vidme community is cool and, again, the thing we believe makes it stand out. Thus, it is wise to invest some time here and build linkages that could come in handy one day.
    • RAGEfit parent reply AKA most viewers aren't creators. A big chunk are. But most aren't.
    • RAGEfit parent reply Exactly! That's why I've spent so much time on vidme recently. However, agree about the aggressive competitor -- however dailymotion and vimeo haven't really seemed to do much. Everyone wants to be on youtube. The one growing a bunch seems to be vidme and I think vidme's problem -- when it comes to big traffic -- is its focus on creators. Yes, it's cool for us, but I doubt it'll become anywhere near as huge as youtube unfortunately. Would love if it did though
  • [ – ] and-now-this reply I've only recently started over here on vidme. I'm still pretty New at this Vlogging and blogging thing. I like it! My wife thinks I'm nuts though. Haha
  • [ – ] Christian_Carranza reply i know you?....
  • [ – ] WooFit reply I miss your face.
  • [ – ] ThatMagnetMan reply Hey mate thanks for that follow! It's nice to see some exclusive videos from creators, may you find a nice size audience too, farewell buddy!
  • [ – ] and-now-this reply Yup. Fuck em. Stick with YouTube and ride out the corporate bullshit.
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