BREAKING - PIZZAGATE - CIA Director Blaming Russia For Forcing CHILD PORN On American Computers

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  • FaBon reply OMG this is just beyond the pale. Good job with reporting this I am astonished even by today's crazy standards. They are covering their ass no doubt about it. Don't they think people are hip to this shit?
  • victuruslibertas reply Like Trey Gowdy said in one of my other videos, Tomorrow Is Coming..
  • NotGeorgeWebb reply Fake News narrative in standard CYA modus operandi. #followthemoney so we can all find out #whereisericbraverman
  • Some_might_not-know reply Don't let the door clap you on the face!
  • nomadic reply Clapp on, Clapp off, the Clapper... I use to own a Clapper now it owns me, rise of the AI machines, will they get rights? will they get to vote? stupid things I ponder...Thanks for the video
  • ProperNews63 reply People with an ounce of common sense can see through this crap, unfortunately there are still a lot sheeple out there that believe all that the MSM say. Trump is going to have a big battle on his hands with this pile of shit.
  • ncwf1975 reply clapper thinks we are that dumb to believe the crap that comes out of his mouth
  • helmhurst reply Fake news. Fuk the daily mail liars.
  • POSSETRAXX reply These ASSHOLSE have been feeding on our children . Now they look for the exit ...
  • Ethercruiser1 reply It's standard procedure for the Clintons to accuse others of exactly the crimes they are engaged in (in this case, child pedophilia... and worse! With Obama still in control, you can't trust anything a Federal Government official says, or any Democrat says in Congress or RINO McCain or other RINOs on Russian hacking or PizzaGate.
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