Debate Gun Control!

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  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply I find you can't have debates with PEOPLE....... about volatile topics. What I am saying here, is all the hot topics over the years to do with politics or religion, nobody ever changes thier mind about those topics. Better to just respect eachother's opinions and cast your votes as the elections come up. I've seen soooooo many gun control debates in online forums over the years and gun control debates are just like democrat vs republican or abortion vs no-abortion, the main thing is nobody ever changes thier mind. All people use these debates for is a platform to push thier own beliefs and again, just to reiterate... at the end of the debates, nobody ever changes thier mind, on either side. I've yet to see it even once.
  • stuffjlikes reply I agree with this message. However, you can't really have debates on twitter with liberals - about any topic. They descend into name calling, constantly change topic ( because they are losing the argument) or block you. I find it pointless and I am trying to keep my blood pressure at reasonable levels...
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