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  • Turbo_Spice reply It is a beetroot! You have mis-veggiefied!
  • Drobeis reply One, Oneself, and It, Itself. There have been gender neutral pronouns forever. Grammatically correct, even. I hate how willfully ignorant one must be to have an SJW set of mind.
  • [ – ] xlilblackdiaryx reply lol He is so stupid!! I actually went to school with someone who was a girl that got mistaken for a boy all the time, so yeah he is talking out of of his ass!!
    • Turbo_Spice parent reply I am a girl who gets called a guy frequently, I don't care! There are people who get it wrong, they either quickly correct themselves, or they just move on. Who cares about this pro-noun crap?
  • NotHome reply How to convince people that plural pronouns can be used in a singular case.
  • Facepalm_Migraine reply Wow... Harry Potter Goes to Berkley
  • Leadhead reply Turnip boy would me much more presentable with a decent pair of boobies...
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