STREETS OF ROGUE 1! | Rogue-like action game

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  • [ – ] CringeGames reply You guys are quite funny! Good video :)
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Looks like quite a fun game, I would've totally went on a murder spree destroying as much as possible :P It was cool seeing what the hacker could do though.
    • [ – ] linktheinformer parent reply That is ALWAYS fun to do too! But you have to pick a character meant for that. Like the soldier. Hacker and Thief, my regulars, are super weak.
      • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Thieves are sometimes cool in games but I'm either really lucky in games or super unlucky so I get put off choosing them.
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply hahaha the hacker looks like so much fun. im glad you take a more passive approach, i try to play the roles as much as possible instead of going guns blazing
    • linktheinformer parent reply There are TONS of classes to choose from. I started out as a Thief which is really fun. Shopkeepers hate you though! In this game, I prefer to support @ReneAramis while he murders people.
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