Gun Control Debate - my take

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  • [ – ] CiliRat reply Actually, you have a problem, with statistics.... You ignore everything but firearm deaths.... you can not do that, it invalidates the data... its like trying to find the cause of choking and only look at the people who choke on bananas and ignore everything else. If you just look at Bananas then the data will always say bananas are the cause of choking.... for the record, when you look at violent death rates per capita... the UK beats out the US... sorry, but that's a real statistic.
    • [ – ] rationalshitlord parent reply I'm afraid not man, from the same source as the gun death rates Homicide rates Per 100,000: UK: 2012: 1.03 US: 2012: 5.31
      • CiliRat parent reply ahh, I know where you are getting that. Here is the problem with it. Population density is different. The US has far larger percentage of its population crammed into high density areas compared to the UK. This makes the statistics far more complicated and skewed. High density areas in the US and UK have pretty much identical violent death rates. In medium and low density areas the US is far lower but the overall stat says its higher due to more people in the high density areas. For a better representation, the areas that come out the same are ignored into he final calculation. (Many disagree with that but it is how you are supposed to do it). So, you are right that the UK can be listed as higher but its more complicated then it seems. this sort of thing is the reasons I decided against a career in statistics. The real fun begins when you break out the US statistics and compare the low versus high density areas looking for the correlations. One coloration often ignored is that high dens...moreity areas have much stronger gun restrictions and the low is far looser. In other words, areas with more gun control have higher rates of violent death.... I am not saying more guns definitively equal less death because throwing more guns into a situation is also a bad idea. Root causes need to be addressed, such as education, employment, and Mental health...... Anyway, I shall shut up now. I am not the best at explaining things and I may be muddying the water.
    • CiliRat parent reply ok, my comment came off way more prissy then I intended.
    • CiliRat parent reply you are totally right about the mental health issue.
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