Critical Hits RPG Maker FES Review! Is it worth your time?

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  • [ – ] o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply I just started messing with rpg maker mv. To me the more customization the better but I do understand as you mentioned that it could scare some people off. Great video man.
    • [ – ] CrystariumNet parent reply Funny enough im actually messing around with MV as well due to FES kind of rekindling that spark. A few people over on the youtube channel want me to do an MV review lol. I may at somepoint in the future after I have a decent grasp on all the new stuff they've added since XP
      • o_OFrosty_BrosO_o parent reply That's sounds like an awesome idea that would come to be an interesting video. I'd like to see your thoughts on MV now that they switched from ruby. It's amazing what some people have created with the MV. Some games I can't even tell they are rpg maker games.
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