IM QUITTING YOUTUBE!! R.I.P SMALL YOUTUBERS (Under 10,000 lifetime views unable to monetize videos)

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  • [ – ] thomasbeirne reply Neat video. I when i had the ability to make money on youtube didn't try to because I had 7 videos 6 describing a lady that I want to marry. the other was me donating 1600 worth of made in Canada clothing to UGM thrift store. My channel on that is a bit different its ThomasBeirne. So are you giving up on youtube or are you cutting down on youtube?
    • PrinceIce85 parent reply Hey Thanks for watching my video!! LOL this video was just making light of the situation at hand. I'm always gonna do youtube and post on there like i am right now. i might cut down alittle because i am ins school but thats that. make sure to subscribe to me on there for more content :DDD
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