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  • TheUnderNetwork reply Ironically Kruszakus hasn't uploaded any videos in over 2 years. His mother probably took away his internet seeing as how he had to get a REAL job and that YouTube money wasn't exactly profitable. That overgrown man-child and his brainless subscribers is proof that they really are mindless morons that believe any garbage being spewed out of his mouth. I am not going to forget his cowardly actions and I am not going to forget the copyright strike he did on my channel as well as his constant lying and attacking of me and other users. He's just like Leafyishere who are actually losers in real life and are put on pedestals online. Here's the video he filed a copyright strike against me. Here's my reaction video after I exposed him for who he is. It was under fair use and he basically abused the YouTube copyright system like the autistic man-child that he is who does whatever he can for online drama and desperate attention. J...moreust to let you all know as a side note. I had no idea who Kruszakus was and why people kept telling me why he keeps making videos about me even though I had blatantly ignored the attention-whore for several months. I struggled enough just to spell his autistic name. I even tried my best to ignore making any videos about anyone else and just focused on my weapon reviews the entire time until his "subscribers" kept spamming my channel multiple times and Kruszakus kept making multiple videos about me without any intention of stopping. My channel was based on merit and value. I did not waste my precious time making garbage videos that nobody would ever use but it seems that the only way to get any views is to feed everyone's DRAMA instead of actually focusing on the game itself. I think I was born at the wrong place at the wrong time to think that truth,merit,value,logic,rationality and reasoning would be blatantly ignored and cast aside like trash. Because appealing to the masses is far more important I guess. I pretty much brought this on myself and got what I clearly deserved. I was only fooling myself to think that my silly little channel would gain me any real popularity.
  • Exoticbat reply I hate people like that seriously.
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