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Illegal Immigrants In United States 美國的非法移民

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August 8 2017

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Video description: Niggas go home....Infiltrating our goddamn professions. I've worked hard, and I was born in the United States of America. I'm tired of the bullshit. Learn how to read and write and quit acting like children. What da hell made you think I wanted work as a farmer, cleaner or cook? You got a lot of goddamn nerves. Niggas learn to use your neurons - YOU ASSHOLES. IF I WERE IN YOUR COUNTRY, YO TENGO QUE ESCRIBIR ESPANOL - YA DUMMIES. SE HABLA Y ESCRIBA INGLES - NEGROES. NAN (THAT APPLIES TO OTHER COUNTRIES - I WOULD HAVE TO LEARN YOUR LANGUAGE). GODDAMN IT - LEARN TO READ AND WRITE INGLES. - TAMIKA JOLLY (LINGQUIST) Somebody stole my high school cap and gown. What happened to it? It's white and dingy (24 years old). It was in my previous apartment. One of my goddamn family members stole my goddamn high school cap and gown. I looked everywhere. Farmington, Michigan ... you can have dat goddamn bike (1993 Huffy Tremor - Stolen August 2006 in Shaker Heights, Oh). Shove it up yo' ass. As if I wasn't going to eventually ride my bike. Just because it was sitting on the bike rack, didn't mean I wasn't going to ride it. I worked a full -time goddamn job (factory - on da night shift) YOU BASTARDS. JIMMY CRACK CORN, AND I DON'T CARE. Dat wasn't your goddamn bike. I bought and paid for it. YOU ARE SOME SPOILIED SONS OF BITCHES... CRACKER BASTARDS...YOU AIN'T SHIT. NIGGAS CAN BE BOTH BLACK AND WHITE. WHERE IS MY GODDAMN STAINLESS STEEL ARCHITECT SCALE? THAT'S BEEN MISSING SINCE 2001. Y'ALL GOING TO PRISON. WHO GAVE ACCESS TO OUR HOME WIFI AND MY GODDAMN COMPUTER? WHO WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO CAMERA OUR HOME FROM THE OUTSIDE (SATELLITE)...HOW ARE YOU SEEING IN HERE? SOMEONE BETTER TELL ME THE TRUTH. I NEED TO KNOW THE SOURCE OF THIS BULLSHIT. THIS IS NOT ABOUT STILL PHOTOGRAPHY; I AM A REAL PERSON. I WILL BEAT YO' ASS. QUIT HIDING YOUR FACES. I HATE A GODDAMN THIEF. PEOPLE WORK HARD FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE, AND YOU WANT TO STEAL? THIS IS THE LAW

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