Rusted Rose | Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette Makeup Look

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  • [ – ] AlletseAesthetic reply I love the Mega Pro 3!! The colors are perfect for everyday use, especially when I wanna just troll it up in my house lol.
    • ibatheinglitter parent reply Yeah, I was definitely using this palette a lot for a while. I just buy too many palettes so it's been a bit since I've last used it. It was my first Lorac palette, though, and it's been a fairly good experience.
  • [ – ] sarah reply ahhh i want that mega lorac palette!
    • [ – ] ibatheinglitter parent reply It's quite nice! My only problem with it, though, is I hit pan on a couple of the shadows real quick. Like, by the 3rd or 4th use. =/
      • [ – ] sarah parent reply oh whaaaaat is that because the size of each shadow is a lot smaller? that's still weird though.. is this another case of the ABH subculture palette controversy?!
        • [ – ] ibatheinglitter parent reply Yeah, the sizes are pretty small. But at the same time, you get a lot of shadows out of one palette. It could be, actually. I haven't used this in a minute and actually haven't played around with the Subculture palette yet, but I do remember a lot of kickback with the Lorac palette. And I do have the tendency to go in heavy handed when dipping into shadows. Maybe I should stop that. Haha. I didn't have blending issues with the Lorac palette, though, like some claim with Subculture.
          • sarah parent reply ah wow, i had no idea! good to know. maybe it'll be fine for me since i usually gently swipe the shadows rather than swirling the brush or anything like that.. but then again most palettes i've used were super pigmented to begin with. i'll definitely look more into it before buying. thanks!
  • [ – ] selinaistking reply hallo aus deutschland
  • [ – ] cooookie_kxthx reply Name of the song?
    • [ – ] ibatheinglitter parent reply Ah, sorry. I haven't been copy and pasting my descriptions so I forget to add the songs, but: Eventide - Rain Check I got it from one of the YouTube Channels that offer copyright free music.
  • [ – ] LilixyMee reply really cool look^^
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