Assassin's Creed | Altair Ibn-La'ahad | Part 1

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  • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games reply I am seeing a few AC let's plays here on So are you going to play all the games, dlc etc ?
    • [ – ] TheAngloGamer parent reply Yupp! That's the Idea at least (minus DLC cause Im Poor af XD) I will play AC1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations and 3. Since I've already done half of Unity and all of black flag on YouTube Years ago, they'll just be ported over. And then I'll finish Unity and Syndicate! :) Might even throw in there AC China and India from the smaller platform like games
      • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Cool, I have also done a let's play of the chronicles trilogy on my YouTube channel along with a review, thought they were alright for what they were.
        • [ – ] TheAngloGamer parent reply Awesome! I never played Russia, was it any good? and Agreed, for a small plat-former they not only were a great addition to the franchise but added a little to the story! :)
          • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply This may be just my personal opinion but I thought the Russia one was the best. The China one was the most like an AC game and the India one looked the best,but overall the Russia one appealed to me because it was a bit different, it wasn't the usual Assassins vs Templars. I don't want to spoil it so I won't say more,but you should definitely check it out.
            • TheAngloGamer parent reply Oh really? well I can't deny that I'm very intrigued now XD Will definitely give it a go when I can, thanks for the info on it! :)
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