President Donald Trump Scraps All Mention Of Climate Change Plans From White House Website

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  • torrace reply Climate. THE WORD MEANS ; CHANGE, that is why we say "we must acclimatize" climate change means " change change" for those who knows that, IT sounds like in the Movie "mickey blue eyes" starring hugh grant where a central to plot restaurant is called " The La Tratteria" witch is the same as saying; THE The - tratteria CLIMATE meaning change is offcourse no coincidence, it is change, its allways been,,, but some people figured out that the vast majority was uneducated enough to make believe a myth that have allready givven the same powergroup hundreds of billions of dollars in profit, new power gained, and so on...
  • TheRebCast reply Yes he did the at midnight. Plus Obama's Legacy
  • BadwolfGamer reply Theirs Climate Change and then theirs "Climate Change"
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