We're Basically Fucked - Continuations on Barbarism (3/3)

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  • OdinnBjorn reply Very good analysis spot on, but a bit pessimistic. We will go on innovating. Monopolies will fall and others, advancing and innovating will take their place. Rome fell because they didn't free slaves.(Slave monopoly: investment in labor retarded the growth of labor saving technology like the steam engine. Yes romans were aware of it but did not cultivate it because the rich had already invested in slaves.) We already jumped that hurdle, and we are ALREADY IN FOOKEN SPACE. Of course a multitude of problems await us, but what is the alternative? Watch the show Modern Family, because everything is hunky dory and there is no need for anyone to get up off the couch, let alone carry anything? You want to live hedonistic lives of undeserved mouth and genital pleasure? It is WORTHLESS without strife. Hel no. Rise to the CHALLANGES of our times, grab them by the damned horns, wrestle them into submission and make them your little bitch. , And THEN it's time for you can have your good for ...morenothing Hedonistic mouth pleasure/A burger or cunnilingus, 'tis your choice(directed at me as well as you, reader)
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