The Young Turks Cover The Church Shooting In Tennessee

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  • whitezombie reply Devon my friend, (excuse the presumption) i told you before i believe the TYT are slaves. They sold themselves willingly in to bondage. A slave has the opinion they are told to have. not their own. I watched some vid on Yt (shame on me i know) where some dudes were debating what started all of this. This thing called the western civilisation. They both agreed it was some Greeks way back when, who were first. What was never mentioned was that those drunk boy fuckers were in the habit of praying to their gods standing up. Major difference form the rest of the people in their time. The rest were kneeling of face planting to pray. Not the Greeks. They were praying standing up with their hands raised and their gaze to the sky. Major difference.(Yea i know i said it before) So, some rich athletes kneeling in public? Dude its important. A slave kneels. A free man stand on his own feet. So protesting whatever by kneeling? not a thing kneeling shows submission. Submission to what? IDC I h...moreave better things to do that involve myself in the antics of slaves. That is for slaves to deal with. Like TYT . Of course it would be more important to them. What can be more important than promoting slavery? But these dudes are rich. WTF? No people they are not. A slave owns nothing. They may have riches, but they belong to their master(s). You think the envoys of the Persian Empire to the Greek city states were poor? The Greeks were paupers compared to the riches the Great King could bestow. did they fall for it? NO! And thank whatever you like they did not. That was when our civilisation was born. The moment some crazy people said fuck your riches, i value my freedom more and you can't bay me. I will die free, but i will not wear your chains. Wonder what happened to that attitude? Nowadays People are obsessed with money, like it is the end all be all of their existence. The forgot that if you are empty as a person , if you are a slave, then money is irrelevant. Riches can't buy you shit. Just some crazy due ranting, look away people, its embarrassing.
  • schuwall reply "The Young Turks Cover The Church Shooting In Tennessee." Not.
  • boab15 reply Greatest word i ever heard.pussy
  • boab15 reply the spitter has a job gent
  • boab15 reply I Devon can be evil but i take evil when evil takes my children to islam
  • boab15 reply What ever i believe never will it be socialist
  • boab15 reply Black hate from tyt.its sad but thats what white haters do.
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