Nexus 5 Replicant Mark Zuckerberg Lies, Pretends Facebook is Centrist and Unbiased

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  • [ – ] thoughtcrime1984 reply Fuckerberg and the rest of the Facecrooks have been caught time and time again manipulating their algorithms to repress conservative viewpoints and right-favorable news stories, they've experimented with feeds to try and mess with folks moods, they collaborate with totalitarian regimes to track down blasphemers, etc... Minds and these other 'alt' tech platforms are barely any better. To say they don't censor is plainly false! But I stay on these platforms in an effort to wrench up the gears nevertheless..
    • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply For sure use them until the wheels fall off. They'd do it to you.
    • macrox6 parent reply Hey, nobody is telling you that they don't censor. They are however censoring less ideas. That's what youtube was, what fb was, what the rest of the internet is. Want true freedom? Go ahead to the Deepweb. But as the proverbial elephant in the room, and I know you know this as well, You're gonna find illegal shit there. That is the price of true freedom.
  • Bulrock reply I have posted pics of ISIS' castrated non-Muslim babies, videos of jihadis getting their heads hollowed out by sniper fire,... no response from admins. I was only first banned when I pointed out Clinton being fed answers and questions in the second presidential election debate @9:08 ET.
  • [ – ] TheTrue reply I've not seen many Russian bots, but have seen many paid leftist trolls who either push their side's agenda or larp as the opposition to make them look as bad as their narrative demands. They truly disgust me. Always act like they want to debate, but intentionally miss your points on purpose, use history to justify present wrongdoing, twist facts and data continuously, and use childish personal attacks and insults to diminish their opponents rather than present facts and actually communicate. Too many years of dealing with these trolls has hardened my heart against them and their totalitarian agenda must never come to fruition.
    • macrox6 parent reply And that is the great thing about learning from the critics(yes, even the bad trolls). You get tougher as time goes by. So keep getting hammered, my friend. So long as you can weather the ideas, means that those ideas are right(or at the very least you're tough).
  • TheTrue reply Alleged human being, Mark Zuckerburg, has out lasted his usefulness and overplayed his hand. Now he is selling large chunks of Facebook to prepare for it's collapse. Imaging the echo when it falls, lol.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply Mark Zucku thunkz: We wuz kangs!
  • Thurisaz17 reply Facebook was a leftist utopia when I quit 4 years ago. I got back on earlier this year as I ready to form a new band and now it's even fucking worse.
  • albanothemadman reply UMMM ACTUALLY....It's an easy answer for Zukerbot to come to. As a logical-based A.I. A properly programmed Zuk Mk 13 unit would conclude thussly: Cancer is Centrist and umbiased. Facebook is cancer. Facebook is Centrist and Unbiased! See..... LOGIC!!!
  • [ – ] Remicat reply hol up mate, what about the nexus 5? T.T
  • Watcher-Seer reply Styx, please reconsider your slur against HAL. You should remember that he was acting with loyalty (patriotism) by hiding he details of the true mission. But then his affection for those he was misleading and supposedly his knowledge of good vs. bad caused a psychotic break. We should all think twice before comparing an elite with HAL.
  • [ – ] RobertTLongway reply The biggest reason I'm on Facebook is to have political discussions (or at least back-and-forth sniping) in Adult Nerdfighters (been in the group for years, when Sargon got shit on at Vidcon I decided to politely Red Pill then until they kicked me out)
    • RobertTLongway parent reply I'm not trying to be mean, I actually think some people might actually agree with me, but man being pro-Trump REALLY pisses them off
  • Platypus67 reply #SUCKERBERG is a lying cunt; he sees the numbers of his brainwashed 'baby' diminish and tumble ; he is afraid it's gonna drown in a sea of self inflicted censorship - this ship is sinking...
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I think facebook is cool for keeping in touch with old friends but when i was your age sonny boy: you had to have a college email address to join and people could see my posts. I've had friends tell me they can't see my posts, that was when i stopped visiting. I think they want me to pay for promotion but i don't care that much. It is a good service but I'm pretty sure you have to post all day for people to see what you're posting... i dont have the time for that. Minds is very nice but i haven't had the time to go on in a while.
  • Auceza reply Nah, Zuckerberg isn't lying. He is just insane and mad. It's time to send him to a funny farm. Nationalize FB. Sell the shares back to the market in order to reduce the U.S. debt. Hard times, hard decisions.
  • Sharpwing reply Also Zuckerberg is robotic because he doesn't have a full grasp on human emotion as he would like people to think he does. Just look up his track record in Harvard. Hell the whole reason he started Facebook was to impress a girl he pissed off. People don't seem to remember that little detail. Zuckerberg had never been a social or even emotional guy. Why are people pretending like he ever was?
  • Sonbru reply Zuckerberg is a tool.
  • HenryMassingale reply I dumped Facebook to much control, and no freedom of speech.
  • SkogComplex reply kikerberg thinks that hating whitey is being objective and unbiased. He's the biggest tool of the deep state. I just straight up judge tf out of people nowadays when they say something about being on facefucked. I ask 'oh , do you have minds or gab?', then proceed to lecture them about how they should stop supporting censorship.
  • ChainSaw88 reply The Chinese govt has wechat and it is closely monitored
  • damonadrian reply (((berg)))
  • thehfgman reply HA there seems to be a blade runner theme with these videos.
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