What is Hypnosis? (Intro Psych Tutorial #110)

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  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Is it ethical to post this information to people of who you have no certainties about? The world is filled with hypnosis we are constantly get influenced and induced by things and people. Mmm... by the way, do you have a doctorate or even a post-doctorate?
    • PsychExamReview parent reply Sorry for the delayed response, somehow I missed the notification for this comment. I'm not sure exactly what ethical concerns you're raising with regard to the content of this video. If you could be more specific I would be happy to try to address them. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology from Harvard but I have not pursued graduate work in psychology, though I have taught introductory psychology classes for about 7 years. I don't claim specific expertise in any area and these videos are meant to provide the type of broad overview of many topics that you'd get in a college-level introductory course in psychology.
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