Catalonia Referendum Passes, but Spain Will Not Recognize It: My Thoughts

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  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply That's exactly what i wrote: let them vote - and then call the poll invalid. NO violence, LESS hate of the catalanians towards spain and a BETTER press all over the world. The beatdown seems like a desperate mesure...
    • labrynianrebel parent reply Exactly, by using violence Spain has just gotten Catalonia more support. Shooting themselves in the foot.
    • Platypus67 parent reply Btw: Bavaria has these 'fevers' every other year... These sedession dreams are always boiling there below the surface. And i really hope this bureaucratic behemoth EU will die asap! It really does not much positive things to europe...
  • udolza reply Who wants to bring back Prussia again!
  • brileevir reply This is spot on. All the Spanish government did was ensure that Catalonea will one day be independent. Talk about being ham fisted.
  • TaxPayingContributor reply Continuing to view Styx across all platforms for full saturation until that day we stop feeding (one). People dislike being beaten or bullied for their vote, especially when the same corrupt powers stay in charge.
  • LT_Fish reply The referendum has already failed at least once in Scotland. Apples and Oranges.
  • kirill_nek0 reply On Russia: Nope, nope - Russia as sure AF doesn't want that, 'cause than a lot of people would start similar movement inside it.
  • Pulsaran reply i think the old DDR in Germany would be a possibillity to want to segregate seeing the ADF is realy big there against the rest of country if anything would happen in Germany
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