Historical Martial Arts Against Zombies? (Halloween Special)

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  • ThatLatinDude reply Perfect timing! I've been meaning to dust off the cobwebs from my old polearm.
  • Fudge_Lover reply Brains!!!!!
  • mhajicek reply Love the opening moves on this one. I'd think your bar mace would be a great choice for zeds.
  • jmartin2018 reply A spear with two arrowheads seems a good idea for this kind of situation.
  • WftRight reply Vidme still doesn't play as well on my slow internet connection. I am having more luck using Vidm on the Opera browser than on the Safari browser. I would be inclined to want to try a Dane ax on zombies, but I agree that a spear would be the more effective weapon. If I were going to try a technique with the buckler, I'd opt for a war hammer instead of a tomahawk. The slight extra reach would be nice. I'd also like the option of bashing with the hammer side or chopping with the ax side. Even the spike on the top might allow a thrust that would destroy the brain.
  • [ – ] AndreasN reply The picture freezes ever few seconds :-( Only me that experiencing?
    • [ – ] WftRight parent reply No, I have the same problem. I have a slow internet connection, and I assumed that my connection was the problem. I'm having better luck with Opera than with Safari in using VidMe.
      • AndreasN parent reply I normally use Mozilla and my connection seems not the problem (Videos from other platforms play fine). If I go (here) to another video it pays and stops several minutes later also. Back to this and it freezes every second, the sound is fine. If I change the video speed it functions, if I go back to normal speed sometimes – sometimes not. :-/ ???
  • whitezombie reply Stop playing with the zombie and end him rightly. Just because i like you, i would not do this for anyone : Zombie math 101 Do not allow the zombie to come within grappling distance, you are fucked. A zombie does not feel pain , it needs no reserves, it will use all its strength against you. you can not overpower it. Take out the arms from a distance. Its nails are a source of not even the gods know what. A scratch could be your un-death. Break the lower mandible, it can not bite it is harmless,ignore it. Do not under any circumstances go for the head. Bone is tough, it takes a lot to do real damage, conserve your strength. Careful of scratches or nicks or you will join us. You think I opted for this?
  • InSanic reply I'd imagine a polehammer would work best. Wouldn't get stuck so easily, and could make short work of a rotted head.
  • Emil_Emilius reply I do like the buckler.
  • Marc-Andre reply Also very practical against "humanoids" in a apocalyptic / riot scenario ;)
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