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  • Orginaljun reply What do you do, when there is nothing to do. I just sit in my comfy chair and think. I know its sound weird, but thats how i get creative ideas. ^^
  • [ – ] Orginaljun reply What is your worst job you ever did? Mine is delivering news papers when i was little, because in holland most garden have a fence and you need to post the mail in the door there is a small opening. (srry about deleting my previous comment, i wanted to ask more happy questions ^^)
  • [ – ] Socore reply Grats on 50 follows!
  • Everything_Animated reply Why do you call yourself Bedtime Gaming?
  • iiMitor reply How do you manage to always stay so goddamn sexy?..... lol...... congrats on 99 followers (atm)..... can't wait to see you grow even further......
  • RubenLeija reply What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?
  • WolfySenpai reply congrats :D what do you like most about vidme?
  • HeZoKo reply Thank you for the shout out man!! my question is whats your favorite food
  • Dos_Gaming reply What are your aims on your channel? Money, fame, fun or to make a change in the world?
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Congratulations on reaching over 50 followers dude, you deserve more for your awesome content. Keep up the good work.
  • BrianAiya reply congrats on 90+ followers! :) hmm my questions 1) who inspired you to start making videos? 2) what are your other talents? 3) what does your family/friends think of you making videos?
  • Wulfe reply What gets you excited about making videos?
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